Why Does My Baby Shake Her Head

Baby head jerking

Why Does My Baby Shake Her Head From Side To Side?

You baby may shake his or her head to get more comfortable or unblock the inner ear. It could also be a sign that your baby is tired. Shaking the head from side to side might be just a stage in development but it is advisable to rule out any infection.

When To See A Doctor About Your Baby Shaking Their Head?

Frequency is often a telltale sign of whether the shaking is normal or not. If you find that your baby shakes their head a little during feedings or playtime, this is likely not a medical emergency. On the other hand, if the head shaking is frequent and lasts for a long time, you should see a doctor right away.

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Why Do People With Autism Shake Their Head?

Myoclonic jerks happen suddenly and can be forceful. If a baby has these, it will not look as though they are voluntarily shaking their head. Some people with autism move their body to self-soothe or stimulate themselves. They may nod or shake their head, usually in rhythmic motions.

Why Does My Chicken Keep Shaking Her Head?

An impacted crop will feel hard, like one big lump of feed. That can cause some head shaking and attempts to relieve the discomfort. A chicken with an impacted crop should be isolated and given no dry feed or seeds for about 24 hours, just water mixed with some apple cider vinegar.