What Do I Do If A Baby Is Choking

What to do if a baby is choking

How To Stop Your Baby From Choking?

If your baby is choking and can’t breathe: Assume a seated position. Thump the infant gently but firmly five times on the middle of the back using the heel of your hand. Hold the infant faceup on your forearm with the head lower than the trunk if the above doesn’t work. Repeat the back blows and chest thrusts if breathing doesn’t resume.

How To Help A Child Or Baby Who Is Choking?

It is vital to know the first aid steps to help a choking child or baby 1. Give up to five back blows Hit the child using the palm of your hand in the centre of their back. Your aim is to create vibrations to dislodge the object from the airway 2. Give up to five abdominal thrusts Stand / kneel behind the child.

How Do You Save A Choking Baby?

Save a Choking Child. Choking in an Infant. Use this technique on a child younger than one. Give 5 Back Blows Lay baby face down on your arm using your hand to support their head and neck. Baby’s legs should be straddling your arm near the elbow. Lean baby down at an angle. Use your legs for extra support.

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