My Baby Won T Sleep On His Back

The one thing i do to get my baby to sleep on his own

Why Does My Baby Not Sleep?

Your baby may be unable to sleep because she is too hot, too cold, simply unhappy with the amount of noise, or irritated by her clothing. A wet diaper is also a common culprit of discomfort. To help baby sleep, ensure that she is as comfortable as possible. Many babies enjoy the sensation being swaddled.

Should You Let Your Baby Nap On The Go?

For babies below six months of age, it is better to have them sleep in the crib. Sleeping on the go may make your baby rely on movement to sleep, and also potentially disrupts the nap time routine. Car naps tend to be shorter and your baby might not have enough rest, and waking up earlier than he should would make him cranky.

Is Your Baby Rolling Over In His Sleep?

Most babies start rolling over on their own around 4 to 6 months of age. If your baby rolls over on his or her own during sleep, you do not need to turn the baby back over onto his or her back.

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