Baby Sleeping In Swing Overnight

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Is It Really Bad For The Baby To Sleep In A Swing?

According to the AAP, sitting upright for long periods of time (in a swing, for example, or in a carseat) can make it hard for babies to breathe well, and that can lead to an increased risk of SIDS . For these reasons, it’s probably best not to let your baby sleep in the swing at night.

Is It Wrong To Let Baby Fall Asleep In Swing?

"Using a swing when the baby is awake and supervised is OK, but once a baby falls asleep in the swing, it becomes dangerous," he explains. Hoffman says one concern when there’s a baby sleeping in a swing is that their head can flop forward, which can obstruct their airway-it’s called positional asphyxiation. That risk exists if your baby is sleeping in an inclined bouncer or car seat as well.

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Is Letting Baby Nap In Swing So Bad?

Car seats, strollers, swings and bouncers are most dangerous if baby sleeps in them for an extended period of time. There’s no specific recommendation for how long is too long for a baby to sleep upright because it depends on the angle of the device and baby’s developmental stage.

Is It Safe For My Baby To Sleep In His Swing?

Some swings may have a cradle attachment in which the infant can lie flat while gently swinging. These can be safe as long as all guidelines for safe sleep surfaces are followed. When your baby falls asleep in the swing, it is best to move him to his crib or bassinet.

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    Car seats shouldn’t be used as a space for naps or sleep, or as a seat or carrier when you’re not on the road. Resist the urge to put your baby’s car seat in the shopping cart when at the store too, since it can potentially cause the cart to tip over. Put your baby in a sling, carrier or stroller instead, the AAP recommends. Avoid using .

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