Baby Born Doll Age Range

Zapf creation baby born doll

What Age Are Baby Born Dolls Suitable For?

Baby Born Dolls and Doll Accessories are perfect for kids from 3 years old. There are no limitations to your child’s imagination with the Baby born range of toys that promote realistic parent-child role play for little ones.The Baby Born toy collection has sold over 20 million dolls since its establishment in the early 90s.

How Many Baby Born Dolls Have Been Sold Worldwide?

More than 22 million BABY born dolls have been sold all over the world since their introduction to the market in 1991. This makes BABY born Zapf Creation AG’s most successful brand of play concepts, which is continually further developed and expanded with new, carefully designed accessories .

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What Is A Baby Born Toy?

The Baby Born play concept is created in a way that it grows with your child as they go through the early stages of their life. Your Baby born doll could be a Boy Doll or a Girl Doll baby, playmate, or even a best friend. The Baby Born toy is renowned for its life-like features and also do nine things, only a real baby can.

What Is Baby Born Range?

Baby Born range is designed to bring the joy of the latest release Baby Born dolls to children Australia wide at an affordable price. Baby Born dolls and Baby Born accessories have been popular with children for decades, the interactive Baby Born dolls allow children to feed, change and interact with their dolls.

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